Green Building

“Building For A Greener Tomorrow”

T.S. Evergreen promotes green building, also known as high-performance building or sustainable construction since the need for energy efficiency came into high demand.

Green building is a practical response to a variety of issues that affect all of us…like increasing energy prices, declining water resources, and changing weather patterns.

T.S. Evergreen is committed to making decisions about:

  • Energy Efficiency – We use high-performance building improvements, HVAC Systems, high-performance windows and energy-efficient appliances and lighting.
  • Water conservation – We use measures such as water-efficient appliances and fixtures, filtration systems, and drought resistant or low-maintenance landscaping.
  • Resource conservation – We use materials and techniques such as engineered wood and wood alternatives, recycled building materials, sustainable harvested lumber, and more durable products.
  • Indoor environmental – We account for quality considerations such as effective HVAC equipment, formaldehyde-free finishes, low-allergen materials, and products with minimum off-gassing or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Site design planning – We consider optimizations such as minimizing disruption and preserving open space.

T.S. Evergreen can execute jobs to the highest standard to be competitive and be environmentally conscious at the same time. We are committed to less environmental impact, better quality of living, and building homes that not only save money when building but also save money throughout the lifetime of your home.

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